The developers over at Creative Assembly just gave us our first look at Total War: Warhammer 2’s campaign map in a video released over the studio’s YouTube channel. Take a look:

The trailer, narrated by everyone’s favorite Machiavellian advisor, tours the overarching map of Warhammer 2’s setting: the forsaken jungle continent of Lustria.

To get there however, the trailer must first cover Ulthuan. As the home of the Great Vortex and future centerpiece of the central conflict in Warhammer 2, Ulthuan will be of great importance in the game. It looks to be primarily inhabited by various High Elf factions, which suggests that players who opt to take control of the pointy-eared nobles will first need to unite the island in a manner similar to the Empire’s struggles in the first game. They’ll have to hurry though; as the Great Vortex grows in strength, the various factions in Lustria will undoubtedly rush northward to claim its power for their own nefarious purposes.

Eventually the camera pans south towards Lustria, where we get our first look at the many different races that have made the jungle continent their home. There’s Lizardmen, rogue armies, orcs, vampires, and – unless we’re very much mistaken – at least one dwarf-inhabited mountain. This odd melting pot of races hints at a much more varied experience than what was available at the first game’s launch, where the most many players ever fought were 3-4 different races in one playthrough.

As for the combined map featuring both Warhammer campaigns, there was little mention of it in the trailer. Though, from a brief look at some extremely perilous looking seas to the east of Lustria, we can at least guess that the voyage will be no easy undertaking for any faction, new or old.

Except for the sea-faring Dark Elves maybe, who were conspicuous in their absence from the above trailer. The not-so-mysterious fourth faction declined to make an appearance as well, though considering the underground-dwelling nature of the all-but-confirmed Skaven, it’s not hard to guess where they may have been hiding in wait.

Total War: Warhammer 2 will launch on September 28 for Microsoft Windows. Visit the game’s website for access to future media content, developer updates, and more.

New trailer gives an in-depth look at Total War: Warhammer 2’s Campaign Map Total War/YouTube
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