It’s an uncommon trend for video games to lose developer support shortly after their release. Most studios understand the importance of releasing regular balance patches and bug fixes for their product even when it’s already generated well past its expected revenue. Some, however, go above and beyond in releasing regular content updates even years after the title’s initial release.

Such is the case with Ubisoft. In a recent announcement made over their official Twitter account, the developers behind Rainbow Six: Siege have revealed the launch of “Operation Health.”

Operation Health is a three-month-long plan to fully revitalize the state of Siege with a wealth of technical improvements, fixes, and developments to ensure regular growth for the Rainbow Six community. According to a Q&A from their blog post regarding the announcement, Ubisoft aims to ensure a level of quality consistent with their regular content releases.

“While we have been working diligently on improving the health of the game, we were not satisfied with the pace at which we were able to deliver major improvements and fixes. So we are dedicating an entire Season to both eliminating the highest priority issues and restructuring for a more sustainable update pipeline. This will allow us to deploy fixes that have the highest impact possible without putting undue pressure on the development team to deliver both gameplay content and major health improvements.”

The Operation is planned to have three distinct “pillars,” or stages for its duration. The first will largely involve technological improvements around servers that aim to improve the matchmaking experience, while the second will implement a new development process for creating additional content that prioritizes a gradual and easy-to-rollback process. The third, meanwhile, will be a simple bug fixing plan that addresses the community’s top reported issues.

The entire plan is the result of Ubisoft’s recent push to increase transparency with the Rainbow Six: Siege community, which has previously resulted in the release of a roadmap for the game over 2017.

For more information about Rainbow Six: Siege, follow Ubisoft’s official Twitter account for the game, or check out their website for additional information about Operation Health and other related news.

Ubisoft Announces Plan to Improve Rainbow Six: Siege Quality in “Operation Health” Rainbow6Game/Twitter
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