New Wolfenstein 2 trailer takes viewers through the streets of post-Nazi New Orleans

B.J.'s back and with a fair few new gadgets, including powerful weapons and strange (if effective) equipment.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is set to release in just over a month, and if the publishers have their way, we'll know the majority of the story before it ever hits store shelves. Bethesda's campaign to market MachineGames' latest product has led to over a dozen different trailers being released since the game was first announced during E3, including developer commentaries, gameplay videos, story teasers, and character introductions. The latest release over Bethesda's YouTube channel showcases 22 minutes of B.J. Blazkowicz mowing down Nazis as he makes his way through the walled up streets of New Orleans. If you don't mind having a mission spoiled for you, then take a look - otherwise check out our commentary below:

If nothing else, then the carnage of post-occupation New Orleans makes for a great environment to explore and - more importantly - fight Nazis in. Entire chunks of the city have fallen down to provide areas for the player to take cover behind, either in active shoot-outs or while sneaking around enemies. Numerous abandoned cars litter the street while flames roar from the remains of some of the city's most iconic architecture. It's a beautifully crafted (if rather somber) look at one of North America's most well-known locations, and the setting's clearly had a bit of an effect on B.J.

He's violent but effective, utilizing a different type of weapon in each hand to vaporize, blast, and otherwise kill any Nazis unlucky enough to cross his path. The developers have also seen fit to equip B.J. with a set of unique new tools - and no, we're not talking about weapons here:

Our developer gameplay video also gives you a look at the game's new contraptions system. Each of the three new contraptions gives BJ a new ability for taking on enemies and traversing the environment in unique new ways: The Ram Shackles contraption lets BJ ram into walls - and enemies - for a devastating blow, Battle Walker takes BJ to new heights, making it easy to reach new areas and evade attacks, while the Constrictor Harness will allow BJ to squeeze into tight spots like narrow pipes or walls.

The Battle Walker in particular is used often and to great effect in the above trailer, as B.J. essentially "peak-a-boo's" those enemies foolish enough to think a high wall offered them any protection. The Ram Shackle, meanwhile, offers an effective method to blowing through weakened walls (and Nazis), and as for the Constrictor Harness - well there's no telling how exactly the device functions, but watching B.J. shrink to the size of a small mammal in order to pass through a ventilation duct is amusing nonetheless.

New Orleans awaits. Source

Otherwise, there's nothing too new going on in Wolfenstein 2's latest trailer. The music is as awesome as ever of course, with the work of Mick Gordon providing an excellent soundtrack to match with killing Nazis. Even better, it feels artfully woven into the gameplay. At one point the music comes to a quiet buzz as B.J. surveys his apparently clear surroundings before one more enemy appears, bringing with him a jarring note in the soundtrack that starts another intense track to couple with the arrival of reinforcements.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus launches on October 27, 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at $59.99. For similar trailers, feel free to browse the selection on Bethesda's YouTube channel, or check out our previous articles for past coverage on the upcoming title.