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Michael Jordan's $80 Million Yacht Is a Luxury Boat Fit for the GOAT


Let's face it: The average joe, or even most above average joes for that matter, isn't going out and buying 200-foot super yachts. Only a select few of the most successful people in this world can afford such a luxury. Take Michael Jordan, for example.

There's pretty much no denying it: Michael Jordan is the GOAT. Not only was he an NBA legend with the Chicago Bulls, but the five-time MVP also turned his Jordan brand into a super-successful business. As of today, the billionaire's net worth puts him on the Forbes list year after year.

Now, Jordan is no stranger to boating. A while back, he bought a massive sport fishing Viking Yacht named Catch 23. It rocked the Air Jordan 3 sneaker elephant print color scheme, and he commonly used it to compete in fishing tournaments. However, one of his more recent purchase puts his old fishing boat to shame. I mean, it is an $80 million luxury yacht after all.


Below, we'll check out what the North Carolina's native pride and Joy (that's the boat's name, by the way) has to offer.

Michael Jordan's Yacht a.k.a. Joy

Coming in at a massive 230 feet, Joy can be spotted miles and miles away. With eight different full-sized cabins onboard, the yacht can house family, friends, or anyone else worthy of making the list with no problem at all. Inside, you'll also find a full bar with a beautiful dining room area. Of course, Jordan has also hired some of the world's finest chefs and bartenders to serve himself and the guests while out on the water.

Along with an amazing view, the rear deck is fitted with a jacuzzi and a surrounding lounge area for hanging out or tanning. Jordan isn't the kind of person that likes to just sit around though, so it makes sense that there's also a full gym at his disposal to get the blood pumping. Those five-star meals need to get burned off somehow. Additionally, it wouldn't truly be a yacht owned by Michael Jordan without a full-sized basketball court. He may not play professionally anymore, but that doesn't mean he can't teach his guests a few lessons on the court from time to time.


When it comes down to it, Jordan is a businessman. Because of that, there's also a room that's mainly dedicated to meetings with important clients. The room is fitted with top of the line audio/visual equipment, and a satellite to give a presentation that is nearly impossible to decline. What better way to pitch your ideas than from this luxurious meeting room?

To put things in perspective, this yacht costs around $840,000 each week in order to man the ship and to keep the vessel in seaworthy condition. Not exactly a small price to pay on top of the $80 million price tag, but for the top-of-the-line amenities, it seems to be worth every penny to Jordan. He truly is living the life.

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