The Miz finally reclaimed the WWE Intercontinental title from Dean Ambrose to kick off the Raw-exclusive PPV Extreme Rules. The stipulation of this match was that if Ambrose got himself disqualified that he would drop the title to The Miz.

The Miz and Ambrose have had one of the better feuds on Raw in recent weeks, and their match at Extreme Rules didn’t disappoint between two superstars who know each other very well.

Ambrose starts the match off aggressively, attacking Miz and backing him into a corner. WWE teases the disqualification early on, as Ambrose let up on Miz after the count of four in the corner. Ambrose picks up a chair, and they tease another potential DQ before he drops it. Miz fires up and seems to have all the momentum before attempting to hit a double axe handle. Ambrose reverses into Dirty Deeds, but before he can hit it, Miz reverses into the Skull Crushing Finale. Ambrose gets out of that one and we’re back at a stalemate. Maryse tries to get Ambrose disqualified after she slapped Miz, but the ref won’t make the call, instead sending her to the back.

While the ref was discussing another potential disqualification with Ambrose, Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Ambrose for his seventh Intercontinental Championship.

The victory is Miz’s seventh time in his career that he’s won the classic white belt.

It should be interesting to see what direction Raw goes in with The Miz back on top of the division and whether or not a Roman Reigns vs. Miz feud is the direction the company heads in for the summer.

The Miz is a former WWE Champion.

Intercontinental championship changes hands in opening bout of WWE Extreme Rules WWE Graphic

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