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Former Intercontinental champion calls out CM Punk as a liar


Former WWE Intercontinental Champion and now free agent Ryback held a Q&A with fans via Periscope on Tuesday, and one of the topics that came up was Ryback's relationship with former WWE Champion CM Punk.

The beef between the two really started when Punk held a "tell-all" podcast with Colt Cabana in 2014, where Punk blasted the WWE after his firing from the company. Punk also claimed that Ryback had injured his ribs in a match, perhaps intentionally, but at least because of Ryback's inexperience while working.

"I'm already beat up and I have to wrestle 'Steroid Guy' and he's very... I call it like I see it," Punk said on Ryback in that interview. "He's very hurty. Sometimes deliberate. There was one time he kicked me in the stomach as hard as he could and he broke my ribs, right at the tail end. And I never got an apology for that. He was something else. A real piece of work, that guy."

The comments likely stemmed from a 2012 Hell in a Cell match between the two, which saw Punk retain the WWE Championship.


"I give CM Punk a bunch of s**t because he said a lot of stuff about me that he should not have said, and in an inappropriate way," Ryback said about Punk when prompted. "I only fire back because he fired off a lot of shots at The Big Guy, and I didn't think they were warranted. We used to always get along, so it sucks when someone does that publicly."

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Ryback responded again later when asked about the injury claims, and The Big Guys says he never did anything to Punk's ribs.

"No, I never did anything to CM Punks ribs. I was in the medical room when he was declared as being totally fine. And... he was totally fine. So, sorry about that one."


Yep, doesn't look like this beef is going away any time soon.

Ryback's contract with WWE officially ended in the past week, and it looks like he already has several independent dates set up for the future. One of the names mentioned was former WWE and current TNA Impact star Matt Hardy.

Most of Ryback's interview is below. Warning: NSFW language involved; he's a big fan of the F-word.

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