One of WWE's biggest stars is reportedly leaning towards leaving at the most inopportune time

One of WWE's biggest stars could be on his way out.

Alberto Del Rio is reportedly unhappy with his character and is leaning toward using the out in his clause in September, per Wrestling Observer.

WWE just launched a full brand split, with half of its stars heading to Monday Night Raw, and the other group bouncing to Smackdown Live.

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While keeping all of its talent, and bringing back some familiar friends is a necessary move for WWE with now two full rosters to fill, Del Rio's exit would open a gap in the mid-card/main event spot on Smackdown. WWE has plenty of time to fix this issue, but keeping all its stars happy is somewhat of a balancing act that simply can't be done at all times.

Del Rio returned to WWE in October to beat John Cena for the United States championship. If he does leave, a return to AAA and/or Lucha Underground wouldn't be much a surprise.

He is a former two-time WWE champion and former two-time World Heavyweight champion.