Hockey Referee Pushes Boy, 10, Then His Family Strikes Back
Screenshot from Twitter: Dean Millard

Nothing beats a good hockey fight. Seriously, they are so intense and terrific to witness, especially in person. However, some people took it way too far at a youth tournament in Canada over the weekend, and one man has been charged with assault because of a physical altercation.

Look, parents at sporting events can get crazy. This is nothing new. Yet, for some reason, this entire sequence at the Quest for the Cup tournament is just so wrong from start to finish.

First and foremost, it’s important to note the youth tournament featured 10-year-olds playing 3v3 at the Crossings Ice Centre. This fight also features a young boy, the game’s referee and some relatives of the player.

According to the Lethbridge Police Service, the 10-year-old player got into a “verbal altercation” with the ref before he struck the official twice with his hockey stick. Then, the ref pushed the kid to the ice.

That’s when a group of adults came onto the ice and charged the ref. The opposing team’s coach was shoved down and then the reg got punched multiple times before the fight was broken up, per the police statement. The cellphone video doesn’t show the 10-year-old male player, but it does show the fight after.

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Lethbridge Police arrested the relative, 55-year-old Robert Farrell Creighton, and charged with one count of assault. He was released and makes his first court appearance on October 9. Police say charges are pending against a 36-year-old male involved in the altercation, too.

Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt. The EMS checked out the boy for a concussion and was fine. Both the official and the coach “sustained non-life-threatening injuries” as a result of the fight.

It’s one thing to watch a crazy rink fight featuring hockey players, whether it’s high school or the NHL. That’s normal in the game of hockey, even for people on skates. But for a fight to go down that involves an elementary school kid, the youth hockey tournament ref, some coaches and crazy protective family members is pretty disgusting.

An assault charge is pretty serious, too, especially considering it happened at the event.

High Performance Hockey released a statement about the incident as well.

“Earlier today, an altercation occurred at our Quest for the Cup tournament. This incident is receiving significant attention on social media and should serve as an example to all about the importance of ensuring the rink is a safe place for our children. Actions like this have no place in our game.


“The Quest for the Cup tournament is an opportunity for players to enjoy the game of hockey with their friends. For that reason, we are especially disappointed to see an act like this occur.

“We are fully cooperating with Lethbridge Police Services as they investigate this incident.”

Everyone involved deserves the penalty box for this one.

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