naked lady golf tee

These Hilarious Golf Tees Are Shaped Like Naked Women

If you want to throw your golfing buddy off his game, then pull out these naked lady golf tees. The second he looks at these plastic golf tees, he's going to lose it. Really, his concentration is going to be gone. These hilarious golf tees are going to get everyone's attention.

Make sure you don't use these golf tees at a golf course where kiddos are around. Seriously, just don't pull up to mini-golf with these nude woman plastic golf tees. Grab them as a gag gift for a friend or coworker.

VONOTO Golf Tees, Golf Ball Nail, 20PCS Sporting EVC Novelty Plastic Nude Lady Golf Tees Model Beauty Ball Nail

  • 20 included
  • Under $10
  • Gag gift idea

These high-quality tees are Amazon Prime eligible. Thank God for fast shipping! Christmas is right around the corner, so you'll have plenty of time to put these naked girl golf tees in a few Christmas stockings (or add to your white elephant wishlist).

This fun holder has a lot of positive reviews, including some funny ones. A golfer gave these tees five stars and said, "Love them! Great stocking stuffer or gift! Hysterical and functional!"

I love getting a little racy when it comes to gag gifts. The holidays are the only time of the year where nude woman plastic golf tees are okay to give to a coworker you play golf with. Have a little fun with holiday shopping. Chances are you have a small budget with secret Santa, so you might as well buy these $9 golf tees! They're budget-friendly and fun.

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