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Batter Tauntingly Blows Kiss at Catcher, Who Then Gets Ejected


My basis for any catcher and batter interaction stems from "Ham" Porter chatting up a rival Little League team in "The Sandlot."

Life behind home plate can get dull, and there's nothing wrong with some friendly conversation to lighten the mood while hitting on the batter's sister in left field.

Friendly banter turned unfriendly in a game between the Rawlings Tigers Quad Cities and Evansville Leathernecks 15U teams.


And it all started with a kiss.

Batter Taunts Catcher By Blowing Kiss, Catcher Gets Ejected


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TikTok user KalebHarris15 captured the whole thing in a screen recording of a video.


A batter from Evansville is at the plate in the bottom of the fourth inning. His team holds an 8-2 lead.

The catcher from Rawlings must've said something to irk the batter while the home plate umpire was cleaning off the plate. In response, the batter blows the catcher a kiss. He isn't too receptive.

The video cuts, robbing us of some important context, and suddenly, the catcher is absurdly ejected. He isn't exactly thrilled, and I don't blame him.

His argument is the ump missed the batter blowing kisses. My theory is the batter's sister actually was in left field and he was playing matchmaker. Now he has to be the bearer of bad news and tell her he isn't interested.


As the catcher colorfully parts, the batter is chilling--happy with getting some free in-game entertainment. The catcher finally exits stage right.

Parents in the stands are appalled. They start hooting and hollering, which leads to the best part of the video. One guy boldly yells, "HE BLEW HIM A KISS, BLUE!"

I don't know who this guy is, but I'd love to give him a firm handshake someday. It would take everything in me not to blow a kiss. I think I could hold it together to meet an icon of such stature.

If I do slip, I imagine him going back to his wife and screaming, "HE BLEW ME A KISS, RHONDA!"


Worth it.

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