Bubba Davis hit a buzzer beater to capture Millwood's 16th state title in school history.
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"Trust Me": HS Freshman Calls His Shot & Hits Buzzer-Beater to Win State Title


The clock is winding down. Your team needs a bucket. Do you shrink? Or do you rise to the occasion?

For Millwood High School freshman Chance "Bubba" Davis, there was only one option.

Let's set the stage: Millwood is tied at 50 with Community Christian in the Oklahoma 3A state championship game. The Falcons are dribbling out the clock to take the last shot, but who will get the rock?


Davis made the decision easy for his point guard.

Bubba Davis' State Title Winning Buzzer Beater

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"One shot," Davis tells his teammate, Rickey Hunt, who's dribbling near half-court. "Rickey, I'mma hit this."


A few seconds pass.

"Aye, Aye," Davis continues while chants of "defense" fill Jim Norick arena in Oklahoma City. "Trust me. Trust me."

Hunt dribbles the ball near the top of the key, and bolts to his right. He gets to the elbow, but the Community Christian defender recovers. He passes the ball to Davis in the corner.

With no hesitation, Davis shoots with three seconds left. The ball travels in slow motion (literally in the video).....


"Bang!" screams Mike Breen from somewhere.

53-50. Millwood wins the state championship, its 16th in school history.

We need to take a second to fully appreciate what we just saw. Davis is a FRESHMAN. Let me repeat that. Davis is a FRESHMAN, and he wasn't only ready to take the last shot, he wanted to. There's a difference. Wanting to take the lost shot is having full confidence in yourself. Being ready leaves room for doubt.

Hitting a buzzer-beater is one thing, but calling it? That's a completely different level. I can only imagine the adrenaline he felt, too. Actually, I can. I've hit my fair share of "Kobe" trash-can shots over the years -- not to brag.


After the dogpile, Davis' teammates came up shivering. The ice flowing through his veins was still radiating.

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