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335-Pound Offensive Lineman Tosses a Dime in Wild Trick Play

Offensive lineman go unnoticed a lot of the time. They get down and dirty so the skill players can move the ball and get all the glory.

It's an under the radar job where your hard work goes unrecognized unless you make a mistake.

A high school coach in Lexington, Nebraska noticed this problem and decided it was time for a change. How about we put the ball in a lineman's hands and see what happens?

Deing Kug's 2-Point Conversion Pass

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The Lexington Minutemen had just scored against Adams Central High School in a regular season game in October 2015. Instead of kicking the extra point, the Minutemen send their offense back onto the field.

There's something odd, though. Right tackle Deing Kug is a good two yards away from the rest of the line. You could drive a semi truck through that gap. The quarterback gets ready to take the snap. Only he notices something going on with his receivers on the right. He decided to check out the situation himself.

What's this? Kug bursts out of his stance and lines up in the shotgun. He takes the snap, drops back with flawless footwork, and laces a pass to the tight end on an out route. Chalk up two points for the lads over at Lexington.

One of my favorite past times is watching lineman handle the ball in any way. Kug is right up there on the Mount Rushmore of offensive lineman who should be considered as backup quarterbacks. I've watched the play several times now, and I can't get over how perfectly the ball is placed. He puts it right in the receiver's bread basket.

Lexington ended up losing 28-15, but Kug's pass was by far the highlight of the game. I can only assume he skyrocketed up the QB depth chart.

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