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Softball Pitcher Embarrasses Her Cocky Boyfriend With Strikeout

Let this video serve as a warning to every single man whose picked up a baseball bat or thrown on the cleats before: Softball is a harder sport than baseball is. It's not just opinion, it's a fact backed by science.

Time after time, we see cocky boys step up to the plate against a female counterpart. Most of the time that result is the walk of shame back to the dugout. Remember the entire football team who thought they could hit off a high school team's star softball player? Yeah, I don't think any of them even put the ball in play. Even Jennie Finch once taught Albert Pujols a little humble lesson.

The stakes are higher when it's a girlfriend and boyfriend battling in an at-bat. That's exactly what happened at Jackson Preparatory School in Jackson, Mississippi, and the one with the long hair came out victorious.

Softball Pitcher Strikes Out Cocky Boyfriend

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That's Jackson Prep star pitcher Breley Boykin, who happens to have one of the best fastballs on the softball team. She was also committed to Southern Mississippi at the time. At the plate is her boyfriend, who apparently plays for the school's baseball team.

It's a tale as old as time. Men have been claiming baseball is the harder sport for ages. Few have actually walked over to the softball field and got in the batter's box to find out.

Breley shows no mercy against her significant other.

She fires a heater over the heart of the plate. Strike one.

"I'll let you know I was gonna take the first pitch," the boyfriend says all confidently.

The next pitch is so high it almost hits him in the head. Ball one. Another high heater. Ball two. He chirps a little at his girlfriend, who is about to bring some fire.

Breley blows one right by him and someone tells him they can feel the breeze. Two strikes. Then, Breley unleashes a Nolan Ryan-esque fastball right past him. Strike three.

We're robbed of the crowd's (and the girlfriend's) reaction, but the video is still entertaining. Twitter user Marty Grant posted the video to Twitter and it was re-posted on Instagram by other accounts.

If Breley Boykin ever needs to practice when she's not playing college softball, she can always turn to throwing to her boyfriend. That is if he's not scared to step in against her.

This post was originally published on December 15, 2020.

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