A young boy named Felix brought the internet to tears by gifting his grandpa a home run ball.
Screenshot from Instagram

Little Leaguer Gifts Grandpa First Home Run Ball in Tear-Jerking Exchange

There's something special about baseball and the power it has to bring people together. Something as simple as a dad and son playing catch in the front yard can form a bond stronger than anything taught in chemistry class.

Sometimes it can even bring people to tears, which is exactly what happened in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, when a young boy named Felix hit his first career home run and gave the autographed ball to his grandpa. Thankfully, the entire exchange and the home run were all caught on video, and the internet can't stop happy crying because of it. Maybe there is crying in baseball after all.

That's Felix, and that's him hitting his first ever home run — an inside-the-parker that absolutely drove his teammates wild. Look how crazy they went. It's like they just won the World Series. It was also the first of two he hit that game.

Afterwards, Felix wrote on each home run ball, "Papa, I love you" and, "Best feeling ever." After the game, Felix surprised his grandpa with his first home run. Watch the interaction and you'll wonder who's cutting onions.

"It says, 'Papa, I love you,'" Felix says.

"Why'd you do that?" his grandpa says, holding back tears.

"Because you taught me everything about baseball," Felix responds, also now tearing up.

SOMEBODY PUT THE ONIONS AWAY! On a real note, this is what youth baseball is all about. Baseball is about family, and it seems young Felix has already learned that at a young age.

The video has made this adorable pair a viral sensation. Felix's mom, Melissa Carrier-Damon, posted the interaction to her Instagram, and the video has 4.5 million views and counting since last Monday.

Clearly, Felix has one talented and dedicated teacher. I'll be here patiently waiting for the sequel 10 years from now when Felix gives his first MLB home run ball to his Papa.

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