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8-Year-Old Can't Stop Hitting Dad With Line Drives

There's nothing quite like a dad throwing batting practice to his son.

For some future big leaguers, that can take place anywhere from the grassy backyard to the neighborhood baseball field.

When I was younger, I made my dad throw me pitch after pitch on the weekends. I didn't care if he just had knee surgery. If that arm could get the ball from mound to plate, I was ready to crank it.

Coach pitch is where that father-son bond really comes in handy. Kids who were lucky enough to have their dad as a coach and personal pitcher had the upper hand. One father of an 8-year-old found out the hard way how that bond can be a painful one.

Little Leaguer's Line Drives Keep Hitting Dad 


Our coach needs to work on his footwork before the next game. 🙄 #baseball #littleleague #coachpitch

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Jeremy Roberts may want to think about covering himself in bubble wrap before pitching to his 8-year-old son again. At the very least, a cup and some padded clothing should help.

During one game, his son apparently took out some anger he had (maybe dad should have taken him to McDonald's instead of Chipotle before the game?) and could not stop drilling Jeremy.

In his first at-bat, the lefty drills his dad to the tune of his mom yelling "Yahtzee!" Jeremy's son took issue with that, possibly because it counts as an out, and gave his dad an earful.

He hit his father again in his second at-bat. By the time at-bat No. 3 rolled around, Jeremy knew damn well to get out of the way of that screaming line drive.

If you ask me, Jeremy should have thrown his 8-year-old mini-Babe Ruth a curveball or two to throw off his timing. I wonder if that car ride home was an awkward one. At least dad can go home proud that his son has a dynamite swing.

Anthony Jones, a fellow coach of Jeremy's, posted the video to social media app TikTok. The clip has garnered nearly 200,000 views and another 16,000 likes.

"Our coach needs to work on his footwork before the next game," Anthony wrote.

Yeah, no wonder Jeremy's son was pissed off. Dad's out here taking away hits with his body. Let's hope the father and son smoothed things over before the next game.

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