4-Year-Old Football Player Runs Wrong Way, Still Scores Anyway
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Playing sports as a young kid can be complicated. There are so many new things going on it can be overstimulating. You have to remember all these new rules. You have to wear these weird clothes. You have to have to preposterously wait until after the game to drink your Capri Sun.

Oh yeah, and you have to produce content for your thousands of followers on Instagram. This is something every kid needs to learn at a young age. Nothing is worth doing unless you can post it to a multitude of followers on the internet.

Rudolph “Blaze” Ingram’s parents recognized this right away and got their kid a head start. Blaze is a 10-year-old football and track star who sports over 550,000 Instagram followers. The account, operated by his father, is filled with anything and everything Blaze. Highlights, clips, you name it. If Blaze is blazing past people it’ll be on his profile.

Blaze has been an Internet star in his own right for some time, but now his little brother is building his own brand. And he named his profile based on his bamboozling viral play.

4-Year-Old’s Wrong-Way TD Run

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We’re live from a 6-year-old flag football game. Blaze is under center playing quarterback. His little brother is in the backfield. Blaze hands the ball to his brother and he’s immediately surrounded. If you look closely, you can see the left part of the line get absolutely blown up. Those kids had a rough film session the next day.

The younger Ingram has no choice but to run backwards. So he keeps running and running until he’s nearly in his own end zone. Meanwhile, the coach sprints down the field and points his player in the right direction. There’s also another kid who’s booking it towards the ball carrier with all his might. The young Ingram gets the message and turns around.

He gets behind a wall of blockers who steamroll anything in sight. They create a hole from him down the left side of the field and he takes it all the way to the house.

When all hope was lost, little Ingram somehow found a way to score points. The play became so associated with him that he adopted the nickname “Mr. Wrongway” on social media. He can’t do any wrong to his 30,000 Instagram followers and they love that he loves fast cars.

Mr. Wrongway’s inception goes to show that when everything is down, all you have to do is turnaround and run towards the biggest marketing opportunity of all time.

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