Rowdy Beers prepares for a game at Valor Christian.
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Meet Rowdy Beers: The College Football Commit With an All-Time Name


It's a beautiful thing when two parents come together and get it just right when naming their child. It's even better when that kid's name is Rowdy Beers, and he commits to an NCAA Division I football program, breaking the internet in the process.

Mr. Beers committed to the FIU Panthers on Monday, and he instantly became famous on social media for his name alone. When the class of 2023 tight end eventually does join Florida International University in South Florida, he'll easily have the best name in college football. (Although, he certainly has competition from Decoldest Crawford -- who, if we combined names, would create Decoldest Beers.) He'll also have plenty of name-Image-likeness deal opportunities. Do I hear Bud Light calling?

Let's take a look at the one they call Rowdy Beers.

Rowdy Beers: Great Name, But How Great a Player Is He?

Rowdy might have zero stars as a football player, but he's a six-star athlete based on name alone. According to 247Sports, the 6-foot-5, 222-pound tight end from Valor Christian High School near Littleton, Colorado, doesn't have any stars just yet. He's still a star in our hearts, however.


He caught 13 passes for 168 yards and two touchdowns as a senior this past season, in addition to totaling 5.5 sacks and 7.5 tackles for loss as a defensive end, according to stats kept by MaxPreps.

He held offers from Northern Colorado and Missouri Western State, in addition to FIU. The only issue I have here is that Rowdy Beers wasn't recruited by a school that could really appreciate that name. West Virginia or anywhere in the SEC would have been a perfect fit, though I think we can all agree beer is universally beloved.

It turns out Rowdy Beers won't be the only Beers kid in the NCAA.

The Beers Family


Rowdy has a brother, Rocky Beers, who's currently a sophomore tight end for Air Force. He doesn't have any stats to date, but I have to say I'm disappointed his first name isn't "IceCold" or "Airport," because everyone knows airport beers are elite.

The real story here might be that Rowdy's sister, Raegan Beers, is the best athlete in the family. She's a freshman hooper who's averaging 12.8 points per game for the Oregon State women's basketball team this season. She was also a McDonald's All-American in high school and rated the No. 10 prospect in her class. She may not have had the five-star name her little brother has, but she actually was a five-star recruit.

Thanks to Kari and Ike Beers for gifting the NCAA with the Beers kids. We all thank you and can't wait to see Rowdy and the rest of the kids light up their sports.

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