A softball player executes a behind-the-back bunt.
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Softball Player's "Behind-The-Back" Bunt is the Greatest Ever

Softball will always be a hard sport to play. Yes, my fellow former baseball bench-warmers and retired wannabe professional pitchers, it's even harder than baseball.

Girls nowadays are firing rise balls that damn near rival the speed of light. Drop balls might as well require a fourth law from Sir Isaac Newton. Cocky male athletes seriously need to stop challenging these softball players, because it almost always ends in embarrassment.

As difficult as it as to hit an incoming softball pitch, one girl seems to have mastered the art of hitting so much that she decided to execute a behind-the-back bunt.

What exactly is that? You just have to watch to find out.

Softball Player's Behind-The-Back Bunt

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Behind-the-back throws like this Florida Gators second baseman once made are old news. Sarah Rowles, a softball player for Juniata High School in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, decided she'd bring an element of trickiness when she stepped to the plate in a game.

As the pitch is released, Rowles whips her bat around her back and is somehow able to make contact with it when she bunted. Even better? Rowles raced to first to beat it out for an infield bunt single.

As you can tell from the video, her teammates go berserk. I don't even blame them. I would've been screaming until my throat hurt after watching that incredible play. The video of Rowles' bunt understandable went viral and was picked up by outlets like ESPN.

Apparently a bunt like this is totally legal. The opposing infielders must have been more confused than anyone. If I saw her whipping her bat around I would've assumed she was swinging way too early or something. They probably never saw a trick bunt coming.

I've seen a lot of fantastic bunters who can place the ball anywhere they want. I've never in all my years of living seen a behind-the-back bunt, however. Now we just need someone in college or the pros to step up and try this.

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