Jada Walton of Carthage HS fools a catcher.
Screenshot from Twitter

'Look Over There!': Softball Player Fools Catcher With Hilarious Move

OK, what you're about to see is legitimately one of the funniest things that's ever happened on a high school softball field. That's because we've all attempted or seen someone attempt the good ole "Hey, look over there!" distraction tactic before, a usually futile move.

Unless your name is Jada Walton.

The senior softball player for Carthage High School was playing in a game against Center High School on Tuesday night in Carthage, Texas, when she rounded third and headed home. The throw home beat her by a mile, leaving her no choice but to get creative. As she stood face to face with the Center catcher, she pointed toward first base as if to say, "Look over there," and the catcher completely fell for it.

This is pure gold.

High School Softball Player's "Look Over There!" Move Fools Catcher

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I can't even begin to explain how funny this is. What even would the catcher be looking for over there? She could've just approached Walton to tag her and made her run out of the base path. By the time she whips her head back around, it's too late. Walton has already sneaked her hand onto the plate right under her.

The catcher could have even pulled out the crisscross applesauce move on home plate like this minor league catcher did:

Walton's slick move has already made her a viral sensation. The video, tweeted out by Ryan Silapan of the Panola Watchman, has racked up more than nine million views since it was posted.

Plus, Carthage went on to beat Center High 7-5 to improve to 13-6-1 on the season. Something tells me that catcher will never, ever fall for another move like that. But kudos to Walton for giving everyone on the internet a good laugh.

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