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390-Pound Lineman's Cartwheels & Split Routine Distracts Defense

Confusing the defense is an integral part of any high school football offense. Trick plays are designed specifically to do that. Whether that be Sabine's "disappearing ball" trick play, Denton Ryan's mind-boggling kickoff return trick play or the high schooler who did backflips in motion, that's always the goal.

Considering we've already seen backflips and even a 300-pounder do a cartwheel on the field, would you believe me if I told you a 390-pound lineman performed cartwheels AND a split to gain the attention of defenders? That's exactly what Jakory Williams did for St. Joseph Catholic School when the team played the River Oaks Mustangs in Monroe, Louisiana.

Who knew gymnastics and football were so closely related? Simone Biles may need to suit up on the gridiron soon.

HS 390-Pound Lineman's Cartwheel-Split

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Jakory Williams may be 390 pounds (according to his MaxPreps profile), but this kid sure as heck doesn't move like it.

The near-400-pound defensive lineman decided to have some fun in a game the St. Joseph Fighting Irish won by 37 points. Thank you to the coach that gave Jakory the green light on this wonderful and amusing play on a two-point conversion.

Williams takes his place somewhere between the lone center and the quarterback. Just before the ball is snapped, he begins his floor routine. Two perfect cartwheels followed by a not-so-graceful split that probably tore his pants in two. You know what? I'd give that a 10 out of 10 any day.

The man recording this beautifully-constructed play can't stop laughing at what he just witnessed.

According to 16 WAPT News Jackson, the two-point conversion was not successful. Bummer. If I were playing linebacker and a kid weighing 390 pounds performed acrobatic moves like that in front of me, there's no way I'd focus on stopping the offense. I'd probably pull out my phone and record it.

St. Joe won the game, 44-7. Let's be honest, though. We're all winner after seeing this incredibly trick play.

This post was originally published on December 14, 2020, but this big man has skills.

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