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Clumsy Tee-Baller Uses Her Face as a Glove, Hilarity Ensues


Remember the scene from "The Sandlot"? The one where Scotty Smalls is standing in the outfield, camped under a fly ball with his eyes (one of which is as black as the mold beneath a refrigerator) closed while saying, "please catch it"?

Yeah, some players aren't so lucky. That's Hollywood. In real life, it takes some serious hand-eye coordination to catch balls in softball and baseball. Just throwing the mitt up and hoping the ball finds its way in doesn't exactly work.

One adorable (yet slightly clumsy) softball tee-baller will probably wear a face mask in games after wearing her teammate's throw off her face.

Softball Tee-Baller Takes Teammate's Throw to Face


???She zig zagged right into it! Lol #wreckingball #teeball #ouch

? Wrecking Ball - Original Mix - Phania C.


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Let's break down this clip that belongs on an episode of "America's Funniest Home Videos."

First of all, I'm not sure what the positions are here. We've got a pitcher, a first baseman, a second first baseman and the rover in between all of them. Plus, the first base coach is a construction worker.

When a ground ball is hit to No. 11 in front of the circle, she fields it with ease. She takes a few steps and uncorks a throw toward first base exactly how she was taught.


But...oh, no.

For whatever reason, the second first baseman (I know, confusing) bolts across the infield. She's shielded by the rover so that the pitcher can't see her. Then, WHAM, she takes the throw right to the face.

The entire sequence is adorably hilarious and we can only hope that she wasn't too banged up from the throw. Hopefully, her parents took a page from Smalls' mom's book and slapped a cold steak on her face to reduce the swelling.

This video was posted to social media app TikTok by the user "naterlater8," who said in the comments section that his daughter was the one who fielded (and threw) the ball. The clip blew up, collecting more than 200,000 views and another 23,000 likes.


Next time this young tee-ball fielder takes the field, I'm sure she'll think twice about leaving her position.

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