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Controversial Triple Play Call Ruins Softball Team's Rally at LLSWS

if double plays are a pitcher's best friend then triple plays are the love of their life.

The coveted triple play is the person you want to introduce to your parents. It's the person you want to spend every inning with because it makes life so much easier.

The only problem is triple plays can have red flags sometimes. It's OK, everyone has them, but when they cost you a chance at a championship, that's when a line has been crossed.

The Texas team pulled off an astounding triple play against North Carolina at the Little League Softball World Series. Or did they?

Texas' Triple Play at the LLSWS

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We're live from Greenville, North Carolina. It's the bottom of the second inning with Texas and North Carolina tied at 2.

Caroline Lyerly is up to bat for North Carolina. Runners on first and second, nobody out. Lyerly rips a line drive directly at Texas second baseman Addison Young. Young "catches" it, throws to shortstop Lexi Rosillo at second to get out the tagging runner. Rosillo throws it to first to get out the other tagging runner. That's three outs if you're counting at home.

The umpires reviewed the play and confirmed Young caught the ball.

Not so fast my friend.

If you look closely, you can see the ball short hop off the ground into Young's glove. To her credit, Young makes a heads up play to get all three outs. The catch was inconclusive in real time, which is why the North Carolina runners were so confused.

But, how on Earth did the umpires not see it bounce during the replay review? It looked clear as day.

Texas went on to win the game, 4-2. You could say the triple play was the turning point of the game. North Carolina had two runners on base with nobody out. They appeared to be in business. The triple play took place and all their momentum was drained. You can't blame a loss entirely on one play, but who knows what NC's offense would've done had its rally been kept alive.

It's hard to believe the call was upheld even with instant replay. The short hop was as big a red flag as you can get.

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