Cincinnati Reds Fan Gets Tased After Running Onto The Field And Doing Backflip

During Tuesday night's game between the Cleveland Guardians and Cincinnati Reds, a video was captured of a fan running onto the field at Great American Ball Park. Yet, in what usually ends up with just a wild fan getting tackled, this time a police officer brought out the taser.

In the viral clip, a fan is seen running over to Guardians center fielder Tyler Freeman to say something, then security guards start chasing after him. In view of this, with the whole crowd watching, the field trespasser thinks it's a good time to show off by doing a backflip.

For a brief moment, the fan looked to be running with open daylight ahead, but little did he know the chasing officer was ready to tase him with 50,000 electrical volts, which instantly halted his body, leading him to fall face down on the ground. Thereafter, officers put the fan in handcuffs, and took him into police custody, as he was later brought into Hamilton County Justice Center to be booked.

The fan has since been identified as 19-year-old William Hendon, who ironically is the grandson of former Hamilton County Juvenile Court judge Sylvia Hendon.

The teenager appeared in court on Wednesday at 9 am ET, as he pleaded not guilty to felony charges of criminal trespassing and obstructing official business.

Judge William Mallory, who was overseeing the court case said, "Everybody thinks you landed that backflip."

Hendon responded, "I'm pretty sure I did."

In addition, Hendon, otherwise known as 'The Babyface Backflipper," showed up to court wearing his Cincinnati Reds jersey.

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Ultimately, Hendon's criminal trespassing charge got reduced to a misdemeanor, and he was released on bond, however, the field-invading fan evidently is now banned from the stadium.

The Guardians ended up beating the Reds 5-3 in the battle of Ohio matchup, and the player of the game was Josh Naylor, who hit his 17th home run on the season.

Freeman also made back-to-back spectacular catches during the first inning of the game.

After robbing the Reds of home runs, the Guardians commentator was heard on the broadcast, "He's done it again! Holy smokes. Tyler Freeman committing larceny here in Cincinnati."

The Guardians now sit atop the AL Central division with a 43-22 record, while the Reds are seven games back in the NL Central (32-35). The second part of the two-game series will be played today, Wednesday, June 12 at 7:10 pm ET.

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