A Little Leaguer crouches for Venezuela.
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Little Leaguer's Crouching Batting Stance is Half Comedy, Half Genius

The Little League World Series is full of hilarious moments, and this youngster crouching down at the plate is a perfect example.

We've all thought about it: What if a batter crouched so low at the plate that their strike zone is nonexistent? It's a guaranteed way to reach first base, right?

At the 2019 Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, one youngster tried to do just that, and it was hilarious. Delvis Ordonez — with his 5-foot, 80-pound frame — walked up to the plate for Venezuela in the fifth inning against Australia and immediately crouched as low as possible.

What do you think was the outcome?

Strike one. Clearly, the LLWS umpire didn't care for Ordonez's new "strike zone." Credit to the Australian pitcher for going unbothered and throwing it down the middle anyway.

Ordonez didn't keep up the stance, unfortunately. He went on to reach on a bunt single and came around to score in Venezuela's 2-0 win to send Australia home. They were later beaten by Team Curacao in the tournament.

Still, I think young Delvis was on to something. Even MLB's shortest players — looking at you, Jose Altuve — should consider shrinking their zones as this kiddo did. At worst, you make the pitcher think twice about where to throw the ball. Why not get in his head a little bit?

This moment is also a reminder of why the LLWS is so great: Just kids being kids and having fun.

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