It is always fun to watch fans scrap for the right to catch a fly ball.

Some make skillful catches their bare hands. Some bring a glove to a Major League ballpark for the express purpose of bringing home a souvenir ball. Some just look up casually to see an errant baseball flying their way and react accordingly.

However, we never consider the fans who simply get in the way.

On Friday evening in Oakland, one woman was in the unfortunate position to get crushed as a result of such a scrum. In the third inning of a game between the Minnesota Twins and the Oakland A’s, Joe Mauer lofted a foul ball into the stands, and a man made a leaping attempt to snatch the souvenir.

The fan made a wonderful play on the ball but, unfortunately, the woman next to him caught the brunt of it, as the man fell on top of her on his way down. On the bright side, everyone appeared to be okay, but she probably wasn’t terribly pleased with the outcome, given the look on her face after it occurred.

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