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Home Run Explodes Fan’s Nachos at Dodgers Game

There's a reason fans bring gloves to Major League Baseball games, and it's because no one wants to use their $10 beer or $15 basket of nachos to catch a home run ball.

One fan at Wednesday night's game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies apparently never got that memo. When a Justin Turner home run came his way, the ball exploded his cheesy nachos all over himself.

At least he caught it. Plus, Turner got him some replacement nachos.

Justin Turner Hits Fan's Nachos With Home Run

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Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner cranked a solo home run off Jon Gray in the third inning to left field of Dodger Stadium. It splash-landed into a Dodgers fan's basket of nachos and left him with nacho cheese all over his hoodie.

He didn't seem to care. He held up the ball proudly while his friend absolutely loved the fact that he looked like he took a queso shower.

"I saw the ball coming toward me, and my first thought was not to try to reach over the fence," the fan, whose name is Brando, told a SportsNet LA reporter. "Luckily, the nachos saved me, and I can't believe I ended up with the ball."

The story didn't stop there.

Umpires actually reviewed this play for potential fan interference. The fan had to explain that his overpriced snack was placed over the wall.

It got better. His friend dipped a chip in the cheese on his hoodie:

It got EVEN better. Nacho man not only received some replacement order of nachos from Turner, he went home with a new World Series hoodie that probably cost $100 at the team store.

"I saw that it was nachos, so I came up into the clubhouse and asked Javier [a clubhouse attendant] if he could run out a new tray of nachos for the guy," Turner told the Los Angeles Times. "I mean, I felt bad. I'm sure it was not a $2 plate of nachos. I ruined a meal for him, so I had to replace it."

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts shared a similar sentiment: "I know Justin will trade a home run for buying a guy some nachos. I'm happy that it didn't get overturned. I'm happy he got the homer. And we can always replace nachos."

A new hoodie, a full stomach and a home run ball ain't a bad day at the ballpark if you ask me.

A lot happened across the MLB. Chicago White Sox pitcher Carlos Rodon threw a no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians. The Dodgers won the game, 4-2.

The real winner may have been this lucky (or unlucky depending how you look at it) Dodgers fan.

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