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Mom Blasts Home Run Off Son & Becomes Viral Sensation

There's nothing worse than giving up a home run 400 feet to dead center field.

Actually, there may be one thing. Serving up a moonshot to your mom in the road has got to be 10-times more embarrassing. You just can't let your friends know she went all Barry Bonds on your fastball.

Luckily for this kid in Long Island, New York, he was both happy and impressed at his mom's swing.

Mom Blasts Home Run Off Son


Mom didn’t hold back 😂👏 @ms.katelynne

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♬ original sound - Katelynne

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Chin music? Not on this mom's watch. Don't even think about backing her off the plate.

This Mommy McGwire's name is Katelynn. She joined her son in the street for an innocent round of batting practice. He threw a pitch a bit high, she tried to catch it and it ricocheted off her face.

"I did not mean to throw that at you," her son said.

He awakened her inner Babe Ruth.

On the next pitch, Katelynn clobbered a high heater as far as she could. It looked like it traveled over the trees in the yard in front of them. It probably landed across the Atlantic Ocean in the United Kingdom.

"Say?nara," she said while walking away like the absolute boss that she is.

The best part is the end. His reaction and the way he says "mom!" is awesome. You can tell he's proud of his slugging momma.

Katelynn posted the video on social media app TikTok. ESPN picked it up and reposted it to its page, where it has more than 1.2 million views. Many of the commenters were in awe of her swing.

I'm sure that little boy will never forget the time his mom went big fly on him. At least he has a hitting partner for life. Maybe she can teach him a thing or two.

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