A college team found out their program had been cut in the worst way possible

This is just appalling.

Having your entire program cut is already bad enough, but finding out like this? That's just awful.

On Wednesday, the University of North Dakota made the decision to cut the school's successful women's hockey team, a move that obviously upset the fans of the program. What's worse, though, is that the players on the team reportedly found out about the cut whilst in the middle of a practice.

Several people around the sport obviously had an issue with North Dakota's player finding out about their sport being completely cut over social media rather than some sort of communication from the University.

Even worse among that, the hockey team had a recruit in for an official visit when news of the program being cut started to surface.

The hockey team — along with North Dakota's men's and women's swimming and diving teams — were victims of budget cuts by the school's athletic departments. While it may have been necessary for the school to make the cuts, it doesn't excuse the fact that those within the program should have gotten the news from the school.

Players shouldn't be finding out about a potentially life-changing decisions over Twitter, North Dakota.