A snake decides to have a porcupine for dinner and wow, was that a mistake

This must be the wildlife version of that potentially lethal delicacy that’s so tasty to some humans, they’re willing to risk it all for a bite.

Most of us wouldn’t dare, but there are some brave souls who find dishes like the pufferfish, blood clams, and elderberries—all foods that could end a human’s life in a heartbeat if not properly prepared—appetizing, somehow.

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The porcupine, one would imagine, has to be on the animal version of that list. Weighing in at a not so paltry 20-60 pounds, the porcupine is covered in spines or quills that can grow to nearly a foot in length. And they have backward facing barbs that lock into place like anchors when they pierce something.

That doesn’t exactly spell good (or safe) eatin,’ a lesson this 13-foot African Rock Python learned far too late when it died after a porcupine’s quills punctured its stomach.

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