The Waterboy Collection

New "Waterboy" Gear Brings the Iconic 1998 Bourbon Bowl Back to Life


Remember the time Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl? It was a classic moment in fake college football history, and now fans of South Central Louisiana State University and the hard-hitting linebacker can get official gear from the program's biggest win.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Waterboy, adidas is making some serious moves and drip with throwback swag from the 1998 Bourbon Bowl. You can buy a Bobby Boucher replica jersey, SCLSU windbreakers, hats and an authentic Mud Dogs helmet on the brand's website starting on Friday, October 19.


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To those who feel like this is crazy for even happening -- something Vicki Vallencourt probably couldn't ever predict --  it's even crazier to think the sports movie starring Adam Sandler hit theaters two decades ago.

Nobody knew Bobby Boucher would be a 31-year-old, all-world college football talent. Nobody knew the star linebacker had a rocket arm to throw the game-winning pass to Gee Grenouille to upset the University of Louisiana Cougars and head coach Red Beaulieu. Nobody knew Coach Klein would ever get his manhood back.

Heck, nobody knew we would still be talking about this, let alone have the option to a throwback football jersey with the iconic Bourbon Bowl patch or the classic 1990s pep rally outfit or a "High Quality H2O" water bottle.

But here we are, 20 years later, channeling the inner Captain Insano and still remembering the glory days of a small Cajun college football team from the classic film.


Perhaps the best part is University Lab High School (ULAB) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana will wear the Mud Dogs uniforms against Mentorship Academy on Friday, too, according to UPROXX.

The SCLSU Capsule Collection from the Bourbon Bowl championship is for real and it could be in your closet soon.

But there is one question about the announcement: How in the world did adidas get approval from Mama Boucher for this?

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