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Teenage Bowler Converts Rare 7-10 Split & Makes TV History


Bowling is one of the more difficult sports on the planet. I'm not even talking about the average Joe who laces 'em up at the local lanes for all-you-can-drink Thursdays and needs the bumpers just to break 100.

Even in professional tenpins, the world's best at rolling a 15-pound ball struggle with a formation we've all likely encountered before: the 7-10 split. Also called "goal posts" or "bed posts," this is when the back left and back right pins are left standing after the first shot.

The 7-10 is only converted about .7 percent of the time in the pros. That's about as often as NFL field goal kickers miss extra points.

As you would imagine, it's even more rare to catch one of these on camera. The 18-year-old "Ginger Assassin" changed that when he turned the lanes into an electric factory.


Anthony Neuer's 7-10 Split Makes TV History

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Business in the front. Party in the back.

That's 18-year-old pro bowler Anthony Neuer rocking a glorious orange mullet and an American flag jersey (bowlers wear jerseys?). At the U.S. Open semifinal match on the PBA Tour, Neuer was faced with a 7-10 split in the seventh frame against Jakob Butturff at National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.


Like a stone-cold killer, Neuer knocked them down.

In the process, the teenager made history. A successful 7-10 split hadn't been caught on TV in 30 years before Neuer's. It's just the fourth of its kind to have ever been caught on live TV.

The call from Fox Sports announcer Rob Stone, who dubbed Neuer the "Ginger Assassin," was phenomenal.


"C'mon kid, do it. He did it! He got the 7-10, Randy! He did it! My goodness, the Ginger Assassin just dropped the 7-10!" Stone said. "Give me some oxygen and water!"

Neuer, the son of 1994 PBA Tour title winner Andy Neuer, lost the match against Butturff, 257-203. Butturff went on to lose to Chris Via in the final.

No one will remember the loss. They will, however, remember the time the "Ginger Assassin" made history.

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