High School benchwarmer makes hilarious highlight film of himself standing on the sidelines

Every high school prospect that hopes to earn a college scholarship sends out countless highlight tapes to college coaches in hopes that they will impress enough to be recruited. But what happens if you’re a benchwarmer that rarely, if ever, sees the field?

Most would just be happy with having their high school varsity letter and go on to college. Senior WR Jack Lenihan of Barrington High School in Illinois is not most high schoolers. Lenihan created his own highlight film on Hudl, and it just shows “highlights” of him standing on the sideline while a play is happening on the field. He even has the highlight function circle him standing on the sidelines, and it’s pretty fantastic.

The best part might be that the one play of him on the field is him dropping a screen pass — and he keeps it in the highlight reel (go to the 1:04 mark).

Every team needs those selfless souls that are willing to not play and just stand on the sidelines offering moral support, so why not pursue the kid who has the most experience at that from high school? Best of luck, Mr. Lenihan, and we salute your creativity and sense of humor.

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