High School Roundup: Crazy tipped pass touchdown catch; Giant 7 foot tall lineman

This week we’ve got a double-dip with regards to our High School Play of the Week. On Monday, we showed this huge hit from a Tennessee commit. Last night, this incredible tip drill catch by Austin Riley-Cruz from Caprock High School in Texas came to our attention and we just had to show it.

Caprock got a free play when the opposing defensive end jumped offsides, so the quarterback just heaves that ball up to Riley-Cruz on a vertical. The cornerback makes a great initial play on the ball and comes close to making an interception, but can’t control the ball and ends up tipping it in the air. Riley-Cruz turns around and comes back to catch the loose ball, breaks a tackle and then makes two defenders miss on his way in for a touchdown.

There is also this from the world of high school football: Dondre Harris, a 7-foot, 380 pound defensive lineman from Essex, Virginia. Harris dwarfs opposing offensive linemen, and the still images in the video below are absolutely incredible.

Unfortunately, Harris’ size makes it difficult for him to have a real impact on much other than short yardage runs. You can watch a quick highlight tape of him in actual action here.

Harris has trouble creating leverage on an initial push, so his high school uses him essentially as a one man wedge at nose tackle where he just pushes forward on his hands and knees to occupy the interior gap. On non-short yardage plays, he will quickly shed blockers but lacks any kind of speed to chase down the ball carrier. Even still, Harris’ imposing size is quite the site to see on the football field.

(h/t Bleacher Report, Max Preps)

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