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This 10-Year-Old's Pump-Up Speech is the Stuff of Legends


Motivational pep talks can come in all shapes and sizes. Long or short, a good motivational speech is determined by the response of those receiving it.

Lane Bridges, a 10-year-old Texas football player, may just have given his football team the greatest motivational speech of all time, and you can bet your bottom dollar that he had his teammates ready to run through a wall before taking the field for their youth game last year.

Lane Bridges Pregame Speech

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Lane Bridges wanted to win, badly. He fired up the troops with a pep talk to his football team ahead of a big game, and footage of his inspirational speech went viral on social media after being shared by high school coach Chase Richardson, even getting the attention of former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The NFL quarterback and six-time Super Bowl champion saw the video on Instagram and liked it on the platform.

"Let's show that we can beat them, on their home field, on our home field! We can beat them anywhere! We can go to New England, for goodness sake, and still beat them!"

He went on to tell the team to stay "determinated." The kid was so fired up he was inventing new words on the fly.

His mother, Courtney Bridges, described him as being "something else,"  and claimed that Lane was always the kid cheering on his teammates the loudest.


The viral social media post was shared by various media platforms, including the Huffpost. Bridges' speech was so moving that the local high school football coach invited him to speak to the high school team during a pep rally.

Bridges took the invitation in stride, and gassed up the Eastland Mavericks prior to a game against their rivals.

Jameis Winston should take a page from this kid's book, as his speech to his fellow comrades was vastly superior Winston's attempt to fire up the troops by "eating a W."

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