Michael Phelps’ death stare is equally terrifying and funny

So that's how he gets motivated?

Michael Phelps is known to spin some Eminem in his pre-race playlist. Perhaps that's what he was listening to Monday when cameras caught him glaring at his rival, South African swimmer Chad Le Clos, as the two prepared for a qualifier in Rio.

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Phelps has said he listens to a combination of Eminem, Young Jeezy, and Eric Church to get his mind right before races.

Maybe he was "losing himself" in the music and the moment when Phelps shot a deadly look at Le Clos as he shadowboxed while Phelps sat.

Watch the video here.

The #phelpsface photo set the internet ablaze with a plethora of memes and jokes about the look.



It looks like that mean mug is part of Phelps' DNA; his son, Boomer, has inherited it, too.

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In 2012, Le Clos handed Phelps his first international loss in a decade. Despite that defeat, the two were cordial enough outside of the pool to go on a shark cage diving trip in 2013.

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The two face off Tuesday night in the 200M butterfly.