NHL referees have been taking a beating lately, and this poor guys gets plastered

NHL players aren’t the only ones who need to have their heads on a swivel these days, as referees have been targets of some pretty brutal hits—both accidental and intentional. Back in late January, a ref caught the front brunt of a punch thrown from one player that was meant for another, and then this ref was flat-out checked by a player for no apparent reason.

It was so egregious the player was suspended indefinitely by the NHL.

Here we have official Ian Walsh, who wasn’t hit by one player — he was sandwiched by two as the innocent bystander in a routine collision that left him dazed.

It may have been accidental but you can’t question NHL officials have been taking quite the beating recently.

The poor guy fell long after the hit, got up and looked like he wandered into the Land of Oz.

[h/t NBC Sports]

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