No wonder that finger smells, and thankfully, it was only a game show

For someone with only $12,000 in the bank, she made this question much harder than it needed to be.

We all loved Who Wants to be a Millionaire because we got to see people crack under duress and provide the goofiest answers to the simplest questions. This question wasn’t exactly an easy one, but the contestant here provides more than enough material to go viral.

In trying to rule out possible answers, the contestant mistakenly (or not) says she “can’t put a finger on Uranus” which of course sounds like, well, what it sounds like.

Realizing her gaffe immediately, the look of shock shoots across her face as both the audience and host laugh at her obvious mistake.

The biggest mistake of the night? Not going with her gut. It told her to go with Uranus by making her a fool. Now she has no one to point that finger at “butt” herself.

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