Watch This Cheerleader Defend Herself From A Bully The Only Way She Could
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Tiny Cheerleader Fights Off A Bigger, Meaner Bully

You know how sometimes they say adrenaline gives you superpowers? For some supernatural reason, it makes you 3 times stronger and makes you forget that you're hurt. Sometimes, it even gives you some sort of sensational rush that makes you feel unstoppable. Well, that is exactly what happened to this cheerleader, who decided to stand up for herself. A shocking video is going viral showing a cheerleader brawling (the only way you can describe it after watching it, trust me) with a bully after she was punched in the head.

The girls, who are from California, are seen verbally getting into it, as the cheerleader tries to make her peace by repeating "nobody wants to fight, no one wants to fight with you guys." However, the video then shows the bully getting even more defensive, eventually attacking the cheerleader. Naturally, this brings out the defense mechanism in the young teen and she tries to defend herself by punching her way through. The cheerleader manages to flip her opponent, and straight out of a movie, gets on top of the bully and continues to hit her repeatedly.

*Cue Street Fighter song.*

How this tiny girl managed to flip her opponent is beyond me, you can clearly tell the bully is at least two times bigger than her. The adrenaline I tell you, that's what it has to be! Or maybe she just has really good strength? Teach me your ways, cheerleader!

Eventually, the fight was broken up by bystanders and the bully walked away from the cheerleaders. Now, I don't condone violence and think that violence is definitely not the answer to any situation, but I am going with the cheerleader on this one. She clearly told the bully numerous times that she didn't want to fight and asked her not to touch her. But no, what does the bully do? She physically attacks her. Honestly, the bully deserved it.

The teenager's sister, Sierra Sprague, shared the clip to her Twitter account and has now gone viral with over 8 million views, over 100,000 retweets and over 346,000 likes. According to Sprague, her sister was not suspended or is in any trouble despite the fight happening in her school uniform.

This post was originally published on September 10, 2018. We brought it back because we were so impressed with this cheerleader's strength. 

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