Real Life Mario Kart
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Growing up in the golden years of the 1990s (damn, am I old?), it only took one round of Super Mario Kart on Nintendo 64 to separate the weak from the strong. As the game grew more popular, so did the age groups playing it. Trust me: there’s no thrill quite like grabbing four controllers and playing a round Beerio Kart. Mario Kart can truly be played anywhere, but the transcendent video game gets a real-life upgrade that you have to see to believe.

The Mushroom Rally holds 16 races in 16 cities across the United States and England. The person with the fastest lap in their city’s heat is automatically entered in the Grand Finale held in Las Vegas later in the year. Another four spots are filled through a lottery that anyone who purchases a ticket can win, making for 20 spots in a massive final race. Most importantly, you have to dress up as your favorite Mario Kart character to enter.

To answer your question, yes. Competitive go-karting is indeed the greatest sport ever invented.

Just imagine it: A bunch of average men and women (shoutout to Princess Peach) find themselves dressed up, trading paint with each other for the national championship in Las Vegas. Suddenly, Toad lobs in a turtle shell and grabs the win while Donkey Kong steals second place!

These aren’t just dreams anymore, my friend. Real-life Mario Kart racing is actually happening in a city near you.

Real Life Mario Kart

Tickets are listed here for $55 a piece and include one guaranteed race on a Mario-themed go-kart track, followed by a second race if you win. (Keep in mind: your goal is to have the fastest single lap of the day, THEN you can worry about winning.) There are a variety of prizes you can win and games you to play during the event, as well as a DJ who will likely play the Mario theme song 35 to 40 times.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble (or are just too far away), be bold and race around the streets of your city like these modern day heroes did around Tokyo, Japan.

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Space is limited and varies in every city, so make sure to secure your spot as soon as possible for this epic event. I will be accepting any and all challengers in Pittsburgh.

I’ll be the one dressed as Wario tossing banana peels over his shoulder.

Los Angeles — March 16-31, 2019

Denver — April 5-14

Dallas — April 21

Houston — May 18-June 30

Miami — June 1-9

Cincinnati — June 15-23

Columbus — June 29-30

Indianapolis — Sept. 8

Cleveland — Sept. 14-22

Pittsburgh — Sept. 28-Oct. 6

New York — Oct. 5-27

Boston — TBA

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