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There’s nothing the “baddest woman on the planet” can’t do. She was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, is fresh off a WWE Extreme Rules appearance, and now, Ronda Rousey is taking on sharks.

Rousey hung up her “Rowdy” WWE persona and strapped on a wet suit to kick off the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week. ‘Ronda Rousey Uncaged‘ premiered on Sunday night, and showcased Rousey outside of her element, but pushing the limits as only Rousey can do.

Former Navy diver Paul de Gelder served as the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion coach during her first dive with sharks. Rousey, candid as ever, didn’t pull any punches for the build up to Shark Week’s 30th Anniversary premiere.

As you’d expect, Rousey showed no fear once she actually hit the water in her first encounter with the massive animals off the coast of New Zealand.

?We really did try to take baby steps with her,? de Gelder told Fox News. ?But? she just wanted to keep pushing? all the way to the point where sometimes we had to pull her back because? the fact that I was actually missing two limbs from a shark that she was about to hand feed just disappeared. And all she saw was the challenge and the excitement. So we did have to pull her back from actually being overconfident once or twice.?


Paul de Gelder lost his right hand, and much of his right leg, in what he called a “case of mistaken identity” after a shark attacked him in open water. The professional diver shook off the attack, calling it a “pretty tough day at work.”

You might be having a bad day, but I bet your Monday routine didn’t involve a shark attack.

With the help of de Gelder, the UFC Hall of Famer first underwent survival training inside of a steel cage, before getting to swim freely in the face of a Mako shark.

For the main event, Rousey, no stranger to facing the baddest fighters on the planet, made slight work of her heavyweight opponents, feeding them by hand and swimming within only a few feet of them.

When she’s done wrestling face to face with sharks, Rousey will challenge Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Championship at WWE Summerslam on August 19.

Catch the rest of ‘Shark Week’ on Discovery Channel for more giant fish devouring smaller fish, and probably a few shark attack stories that will keep you out of the deep sea the rest of the summer.

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