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Lineman Everywhere, Rejoice! The Pancake Chain is Here


What started at the University of Miami in 2017, when the Hurricanes unveiled the famous Turnover Chain, turned into a national wave of copycats. College football schools across the country began creating their own celebratory icon when a turnover was forced, from Turnover Thrones to Turnover Curls, the fad has grown nonstop ever since.

Well, it's time for the most under-appreciated members of every football team to finally get some love. Thanks to the offensive lineman of the St. Augustine Prep Hermits in Richland, New Jersey, the next wave of popular game day symbols has arrived. Say hello to the Pancake Chain.

For those unfamiliar, the "pancake" is awarded when an offensive lineman flattens a defender and puts him on his back, just like a hot and fresh, golden brown pancake. As a former offensive lineman myself, I wish I still had the knees to take part in this incredible phenomenon.

When sophomore tackle Jake Ketschek showed off St. Augustine's beautiful creation to the world, it became an instant hit, and lineman everywhere have found their new heroes.


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The big hogs at St. Augustine Prep, who, after a 7-3 start to their season, are the 20th-ranked team in the state of New Jersey, aren't the only ones to bring the Pancake Chain to life.

Lineman everywhere are rocking the hardware following huge pancakes, and I'm not just talking about the big stacks at IHOP.

The pancake chain is taking hold of necks everywhere, and it's likely to continue because, I mean, who doesn't love a hilarious gold chain with a stack of pancakes hanging from the end? If you're an offensive lineman, or know one near and dear to your heart, please get them a Pancake Chain this holiday season.


If you can't get them the full-fledged chain, I'm sure they'd love to enjoy fresh stack of flapjacks all the same, and maybe even a little bit more.

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