Star Trek is coming back to your television and it promises to be better than ever

Star Trek is not only coming back to the big screen this summer, but will be making a comeback on the small one as well. A Star Trek television series is set to premiere on CBS All Access. That means the new series won’t actually be on the television, but it will be streaming, which promises to open up a whole new world — or galaxy if you prefer — to Trekkies.

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The series promises to be less flashy and bombastic than its J.J. Abrams movie counterparts, which will be just fine. The series will get to focus on more episodes (obviously) over the course of a season and create more storylines and subplots than a movie ever could. It surely hopes to recreate the magic that shows like Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: The Next Generation, the latter of which made Patrick Stewart a bonafide star.

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Showrunner Brian Fuller talked about the newfound freedom that the new Star Trek will feature and how it’ll veer a bit off course from past Treks, although he wants to do so with a deft hand. While many of the more recent critically acclaimed shows feature sex, cursing and tons of gory scenes, Star Trek doesn’t necessarily need all of those things to be successful.

“It will likely affect us more in terms of what we can do graphically. But Star Trek’s not necessarily a universe where I want to hear a lot of profanity, either,” said Fuller.

Hopefully we’ll get some memorable characters and a long run of the series like we did with previous spinoffs. That would surely make Trekkies a happy bunch and give us all something to watch outside of the normal series on television with those confounded commercials and the like.


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