Commentator under fire for awful 9/11 joke during live broadcast @BustedCoverage/Twitter

Tricia Fishbune, a Georgia Southern volleyball analyst, made an offense 9/11 joke during the live broadcast of the Eagles’ game against Troy earlier this week.

Fishbune noted that Catherine Murray entered the match with 911 kills, which led to the uncomfortable soundbite below:

“She has 911 kills. So she’s only 65 kills away from cracking the top 10 in school history and, um, just to note…911…you know, 9/11…so uh…kills…that was, you know 9/11…kills…little joke.”

On Wednesday, Fishbune apologized for her comment via Twitter and called it “unacceptable.”

Not sure how else that joke could have been interpreted. Obviously, making light of one of the biggest tragedies in history is no laughing matter.

It hasn’t been determined whether Fishbune will face serious consequences for her actions.

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