Screenshot from YouTube

Wannabe Tough Guy Harasses Security Guard, Quickly Gets Lights Knocked Out

It's safe to assume his buddy with the camera was in on this. Maybe the security guard refused to let these two dorks into a club one night, and they wanted to exact revenge.

In any scenario, the reasons don't justify the action. Not only was this security guard minding his business, but he was also doing his job. Until some punk in a Freddy Krueger sweatshirt and possible grudge decided he was going to provoke him with a baseball bat.

Things got a little too real for him, though, when the security guard stands up and is HUGE. That's pretty much all our idiot was able to catch though, as he almost instantly gets rocked to sleep by the guard.

A gentleman, the guard removes the bat from his would be attacker, and props sleeping dummy on the side of a building, revealing a nice pool of blood.

All in a days work.

This post was originally published on September 18, 2015.

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