Andrew Wiggins throws down massive dunk on three Lakers

The Lakers are currently beating the Timberwolves in a battle of teams that are vying for the top spot in the NBA Draft, so a win for the Lakers is actually more like a loss.

A loss the Lakers are sure to take tonight is on this huge dunk in transition by Andrew Wiggins on, well, almost the entire Lakers team.

Three Lakers converge at the restricted area and Wiggins — who has 29 points, 10 board, and 6 assists — just rises up over all of them to throw it down. The pride hurt is very real.

Yes, the Lakers are winning the game, but at this point that’s not exactly a good thing as they desperately need to finish in the top of the lottery this year so they don’t lose their draft pick. Beating the Wolves, who have a worse record, won’t help that.

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