How Kevin Love’s free agency future with Boston Celtics might have been damaged

Things went haywire in Boston Sunday afternoon. During Game 4 between the Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Love was injured on a borderline dirty play, JR Smith and Kendrick Perkins responded with even more dirty plays and Love called out Kelly Olynyk after the win.

So after the whirlwind of plays, it was Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski attempting to sift through the wreckage:

Wojnarowski noted the Celtics grew as a possible destination if Love opted out this summer, along with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he implies that could have changed thanks to the dirty play and Love’s insistence that the play was intentional.

While he continued that the Celtics are defending Olynyk as “uncoordinated and awkward,” Wojnarowski also point to the Cavaliers going out and attacking Boston’s players as a sign that the team had his back. However, Boston still reportedly holds a chip:

“Teams know that Love would want to do something he never had the chance to do pre-trade with the Cavaliers: Sit down, meet with the coach, management and hear how it’ll fit for him. That’s when those who know Love and Stevens well believed that such a setting would’ve strengthened the Celtics’ candidacy, would’ve made them the franchise to beat in free agency.”

As the summer draws closer, and Love’s free agency becomes clearer, we’ll have more of an idea what he decides to do. The only facts in the report remain that Boston has jumped into the conversation. Everything else is speculation.

For right now, he’ll be focused on trying to get back on the floor as the Cavaliers await the winner of the Chicago Bulls-Milwaukee Bucks series.

Prashad is the Senior Content Editor for Cox Media Group's He considers Muhammad Ali, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce some of the all-time greats. Boston is TitleTown, in case you were wondering.
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