Kobe Bryant names his favorite teammates with one big name absent from the list

Kobe Bryant was hosting a camp at UC Santa Barbara and took some questions from the camper. Of course one of the questions was who his favorite teammates were to play with during his career. He gave a somewhat surprising answer.


Who was your favorite player, that you enjoyed playing with, in all of your basketball career?

”There is two. [Shaq?] No it’s not Shaq. But I loved Shaq. Me and Shaq won the thing but I didn’t particularly like playing with him too much. [Laughs] It’s easy. It’s Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol.”

Woof. I’m sure Shaq understands as he was the one who ended up getting moved to Miami — where he won another ring in 2006 — and their relationship has cooled off a bit. There was that whole rapping incident, but that’s behind them now as they’ve grown up and moved on.

The two guys Kobe did mention shouldn’t come as a surprise though as Derek Fisher always acted as a mentor for Bryant and Bryant was such a staunch supporter of Pau Gasol despite all the trade rumors he had to endure. Bryant even said that he was disappointed the team couldn’t re-sign him last summer and they won two rings together as well.

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