LeBron Misses Playing With Kyrie Irving: 'I'm So F****** Mad I'm Not His Running Mate Anymore'

On Tuesday's episode of the Mind the Game Podcast with LeBron James and JJ Reddick, the topic of discussion was Kyrie Irving, who is set to make his fourth-ever NBA Finals appearance with the Dallas Mavericks.

Notably, LeBron and Kyrie won a championship together while playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2015-16 season.

In every season James and Irving played with each other (2014-2017), they made a trip to the Finals. Even so, many remember Kyrie requesting a trade after losing the 2017 Finals to the Warriors, as he seemingly didn't want to play second fiddle to LeBron anymore.

Now LeBron finds himself reminiscing on the "good old days" that he had with his former partner in crime.

"I just remember those times," James said.

Ever since the two superstars broke up, the feelings of missing each other have been mutual, as Kyrie reportedly regretted forcing himself out of Cleveland after he found that the grass wasn't greener on the other side.

"We definitely would've won more championships... Me and him [LeBron] in the league together running Cleveland, and then being able to put a better team together every single year would've definitely been worth it." Kyrie said.

That is to say, last season LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers sought to acquire Kyrie ahead of the trade deadline, before the Brooklyn Nets ultimately sent him to the Mavericks.

LeBron really wanted to reunite with his former teammate as he referenced this in an ESPN interview at the time.

"I can't sit here and say I'm not disappointed on not being able to land such a talent, but someone that I had great chemistry with, and know I got great chemistry with on the floor, that can help you win championships, in my mind, in my eyes."

Now fast forward a year later, and the sentiment regarding Kyrie is much the same for LeBron.

"Dallas may be able to not only win the Western Conference finals, they might be able to win the whole thing," James stated. "Because of that [Irving being a] wild card... He's the most gifted player the NBA has ever seen."

After calling Kyrie "a wizard," LeBron said, "There was nothing on the basketball floor that Kyrie couldn't do." LeBron noted that he was happy for Kyrie, who has now made it to the Finals without himself this time; however, be that as it may, Kyrie will always be missed.

"I'm so f****** mad at the same time that I'm not his running mate anymore."

All that is left is the memory of playing with each other. With this in mind, during the 2016 NBA Finals, LeBron and Kyrie both helped lead the Cavs back from a 3-1 deficit. In particular in Game 5, both co-stars scored 41 points a piece, and this was the first time in NBA history that two teammates scored 40+ in the same Finals game.

Then during Game 7 the tandem contributed two of the most memorable moments, which were known as "the block" and the "the shot."

After LeBron blocked Andre Iguodala's layup to keep the game tied at 89-89, Kyrie hit a step back three-pointer to help lift the Cavs over the Warriors; the duo brought the city of Cleveland their first sports franchise championship since 1964 (ending 52-year drought).

Kyrie will face his former team, as the Mavericks will go up against the Boston Celtics in this year's 2024 NBA Finals; Game 1 will take place Thursday, June 6 at 8:30 pm ET.

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