OKC Thunder players think they just won Game 2, but the refs have other ideas

What a finish!

Not a lot of people gave the Dallas Mavericks a chance to take any games against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but they weren't going to let that get them down. They played a muddy game against OKC and that gave them a great chance to win it at the end.

With the Mavs up 85-84, the Thunder got the ball back with 7.5 seconds. Russell Westbrook got up the floor and had a chance to go right at the rim, but gave up the ball to Kevin Durant on the break who missed the layup. Steven Adams was in the right spot at the right time and even had the putback for the win.


That was until the refs reviewed the shot and determined Adams didn't get it off in time.


And here's a closer look at the ball in Adams' hands and when the buzzer went off.


Good call by the refs and now the Mavs can say they weren't swept by OKC in the end. They had to get one for Dirk before he goes riding out into the sunset too. This could very well be his last playoff series.