SANTA CLARA, CA - OCTOBER 04: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers smiles during their game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium on October 4, 2015 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers talks up another of the game's best as "one of the greatest"

Aaron Rodgers discusses one QB who he thinks is perhaps the greatest of all-time.

Tom Brady is nearly 40 years old, but he just won his fifth Super Bowl with the New England Patriots and plans to play several more seasons in the league.

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Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is 33, but he recently said he wants to take care of himself in the offseason the way Brady does so he can play just as long.

Rodgers told Evan Daniels the challenge for him is to figure out how he can stay at his best for an extended period of time, and he sees Brady as an example of how to stay at that level.

"You look at the Super Bowl, I've been a huge fan of Tom Brady for a long time, and consider him one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time," Rodgers said. "And he's doing it at 39. And the way that he takes care of his body is really a model for all quarterbacks.

"Young quarterbacks and quarterbacks kind of in the middle, the second half of their career like myself, who would love to be 38, 39 or 40 and be playing at a high level and be healthy and have their body where they want it at that age. That's kind of the standard and the model for what I want to be."

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Brady and Rodgers are perhaps the two best quarterbacks in the NFL entering 2017, though the two are separated in age by about six years.

If Brady thinks he can play at an elite level for five or more years, there's no reason to think Rodgers can't play into his 40s if he takes care of himself and remains healthy.

(h/t Pro Football Talk)